Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No Night Dome Light? Right?

12 years ago I turned 16 and found independence and confusion. All thanks to that lovely little laminated license.

The first time I was driving with my friends at night, one of them turned on the dome light.

My immediate reaction was obviously to yell "Turn it off - we'll get in a wreck!"

Because for some reason, that's what my parents always said. I grew up believing that if a light is on inside the car at night, then the driver can't see outside. So you can turn the light on for the same length of time you'd be comfortable riding your bike with your eyes closed, if you will.

Then something strange happened. I could SEE. In fact, I could see everything just as clearly as I could when the dome light was off. Like riding a bike with your eyes open, if you will.

So what's the deal? Did older cars have super-advanced glass that reacted to interior light by transforming into a black wall? Did my parents just not want us to see anything all those years? Were they ashamed of us kids to the point that they didn't want anyone to see inside our car?

I still haven't figured it out. But rest assured that I spent the remainder of my teenage years driving with the dome light on, 24/7. Because I was independent.


bryant RICHARD casteel said...

Maybe it's that our parents are just old enough that even the slightest glare is blinding to them. I know you might be thinking that this was 12 years ago and surely our parents weren't that old back then, but I'm pretty sure that they've always been old.

Stefani said...

My parents said the exact same thing. So now I always feel like I have to ask Ronnie if I ever want to turn the light on in hte car. He always says yes.

Ry said...

B - you're right, my parents have always been old. I think they've always maintained (and will likely always maintain) the exact same degree of oldness to me.

Stef - Ronnie is such an outstanding young man. Here's the real question: what did your grandpa used to say?

Shanna said...

Do you also drive with the blue rocket ship on all the time just because you can? :)