Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Extreme Yard Makeover

For me, the best part of home ownership may be having a yard, because I get to go out and work in it. Yeah, call me crazy, but I really love getting out there and putting a shovel and pickaxe to good use.

It's been a little over a year now, and I thought I'd document the progress. Here's a picture of our front yard on May 12, 2008:
It was a neglected, overgrown mess. So, since then, I've:
* removed 2 large trees * overhauled the sprinkler system * built a retaining wall * removed all the ivy * pruned a LOT of tree and shrub branches * carved some definition into the edge of the grass * removed lots of weeds, then covered the non-grass areas with mulch * planted new shrubs & flowers * revitalized the grass

And here's how we're looking now, about a year later, on May 20, 2009:
I still have a few things left to do, but we're pretty happy with how it's turned out so far. I figure with the retaining wall, sprinkler parts, and plants, I've probably put about $500 into it. Money well spent, if you ask me :)


travisrichardson said...

That looks awesome. Your making the rest of us look bad.

The Lyon Den said...

Oh happy day. I almost lost faith in you guys and posting another blog. Your yard looks PRETTY! I love it.

Amy said...

You need to bring some of that up the street. Your yard looks great!!

Jennifer Richins said...

Fantastic! Who knew your house was red?