Sunday, May 24, 2009

San Fran & May 16th (with pictures!)

We did it!

When we were fixin' to get married, a lot of people gave us advice to the effect of "the first year is the hardest, but it gets better after that."

Well, after one year of 99% bliss and 1% "let's never again play against each other in Scrabble," we're convinced that those people must have mistaken marriage with prison, or maybe a mission. We've had a blast.

So after scoring round-trip tickets for $80 and an equally sweet deal on a hotel, we took off to San Francisco to celebrate our first anniversary.

We flew there Friday afternoon, found out about the helpful from a friendly local on the train to downtown, rode the tourist-laden trolley to Fisherman's Wharf, and dragged our suitcases a couple of blocks to our hotel.

Fortunately for hungry us, the self-proclaimed "Best Pizza in San Francisco" was right around the corner, so we dropped off our stuff and dove in.

Saturday we took the sage advise of my sister and rented bikes to ride around town and across the Golden Gate Bridge. Great idea! We loved it. It's a cool way to see the city, the bridge, and the town of Sausalito on the other side.

tee hee

That day being our anniversary, we returned and cleaned up for a super nice Italian dinner. Yum!

Sunday was bizarre, to say the least. We were on our way to go to church at the Golden Gate Ward, and out of nowhere, we get passed up by a bunch of Smurfs.

That afternoon, we continued on to see Alamo Park, home of the nostalgic scene from the opening credits of everybody's all-time favorite show, Full House. Looked more like a Meth House bust at the time, though, with 5 cops in the front yard and 2 patrol cars across the street.

And the park just happened to be full of crazy people. Turns out we were there on the wild day of the "Bay to Breakers" race, which is basically a cross between a 10k and Mardi Gras.

Our plan was to spend some time in Golden Gate Park, but it turns out that's where the race ended and, consequently, where the partying was centered. Thousands of people in (and out) of crazy costumes with plenty of alcohol . . . and for once in our lives, we were the weird ones people stared at because we were (1) sober and (2) modestly clothed. We were proud.

After seeing one too many acts of true friendship ("Will you hold my hair back while I puke my guts out?" and the such), we decided to move on. Whew.

We marched on, up and down Lombard Street . . .

. . . then walked up to Coit Tower, then back down and around the piers and back home. It was a lot of walking for an unusually hot day, but well worth it.

Monday was Ghirardelli Square (free samples!) . . .

. . . Alcatraz . . .

. . . and shopping (Gap headquarters!)

And then we zipped over to the airport and got to our gate while our flight was boarding. Very nice.

In all, it was a wonderful trip, and we're glad we went. Now we're back home and excited to see what Married Life: Year Two has in store for us.

Life is so good!

[editor's note: holy crap, it takes FOR-EVER to post a blog like this! Is it really worth it?]


Alicia said...

I am so with you on the first year not being hard like everyone says. After our first year we didn't know how it could get any better. Congrats. Looks like a fun trip.

Ames said...

I was just thinking today, "man does Laura need to post something with pictures, something about their LIFE!" I've enjoyed your other posts, but dang this one was good, and YES it is totally worth it. (stay tuned for the sweetest scrapbook ever made straight from your blog,

Looks like a great anniversary, and sounds like a wonderful first year (though stories and pictures are lacking in general).

Love you lots. Been thinking about you a ton and the good times growing up on Sandy Creek Drive

Shanna said...

Yes it is worth it. And this coming from your sister who gave you the wise advice of the bike riding - you better believe me :) You're on my Google Reader, so I'll see the next one without you even having to tell me you've posted. Woo-hoo!

kel said...

Aaahahaha! I can't believe you actually took a picture of someone holding back a barfer's hair! ...Wait, yes I can. Hilarious.

Stefani said...

I'm pretty sure Ronnie and I were in San Francisco on the same day as you, because I distinctly remember all the crazies hanging around Chrissy Field!

Leah said...

Awww. Cute picts. Glad you guys had fun.

Yeah, marriage doesn't get hard until you have kids...

And even then it's still pretty good. Better than being single.

I think all the young-ish couples in the ward are getting together next week for s'mores. I'll fill you in when I get more details.

Have a good week! (And the house looks great.)

The Lyon Den said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Nate and I only had one big fight our first year of marriage. It was about a freaking plunger. Go figure. (Nate clogged the toilet)!!!

Andrew J Davis said...

Ryan -- congrats on making that first year! San Fran is where Lori and I went on our first anniversary too, so good ideas! how was the Golden Gate ward? I served there -- still small as ever?

You hit the 2nd funnest sunday, but the best is the parade on gay pride week... Even odder people show up for that one.

Congrats to both of y'all!